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Below are some of the programs used in the DrosDel project, as well as others I have written for other projects.

Many other programs have been written but their application is very specialised to the project and I haven't included them here, as they probably won't be much use to anyone else. If you are interested however please email me at e.ryder[at]

All of these programs are perl scripts and require linux / unix with perl installed to run.

Motif.plBatch vector and P element sequence stripping
DrosDel_primer_batch Program for designing DrosDel confirmation primers in batches
Primer_tile2 Designs primers for a minimal overlapping tiling PCR product set of custom size. Requires sqo files
Primer_batch For designing primers for many targets at once using just the genome co-ordinates. Useful if you need to design primers for about 100 genes in one go. Requires sqo files

Many of the programs require .sqo files, which are the genome sequence in one contiguous chunk per chromosome. These can be downloaded here. Warning - the zip file is over 30megs in size, and expands to over 120megs.