Name: CB-0548-3AC: AJ546157
Element Chromosome Map Location End
RS 3L 65B4 3
Scaffold Location Blast Strand Match Element Orientation
6512288 Plus forward


" Score = 63.9 bits (32), Expect = 3e-10Identities = 50/59 (84%)Strand = Plus / Plus"

Genes near CB-0548-3:
Gene nameDistance from element (bp)Relative location

Gene Details:
CG18769intronCG18769:2_CG18769:3 plus65114796521850
CG18769intronCG18769:9_CG18769:3 plus65114796521850
CG18769intronCG18769:10_CG18769:3 plus65114796521850

P elements in range of CB-0548-3:
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