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DrosDel core deletion kit (Release 5.1)
Made DrosDel deletions (Release 5.1)
DrosDel and Exelixis deletions (Release 3.1)
DrosDel, Exelixis and cytologically defined deletions (Release 3.1)

Bloomington deletion lines data kindly provided by Kevin Cook. Click here to visit the Bloomington Stock Center.

DrosDel references:

Ryder E.J., Blows F.M., et al.The DrosDel collection: a set of P-element insertions for generating custom chromosomal aberrations in Drosophila melanogaster. 2004. Genetics. 167(2):797-813

Exelixis deletions references:

Thibault S.T., Singer M.A., et al. A complementary transposon tool kit for Drosophila melanogaster using P and piggyBac. 2004. Nature Genetics 36(3):283-287

Parks A.L., Cook K.R., et al. Systematic generation of high-resolution deletion coverage of the Drosophila melanogaster genome. 2004. Nature Genetics 36(3):288-292